UCSF CME Essentials of Primary Care: A Core Curriculum for Ambulatory Practice 2022


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6 MP4 + 1 PDF files
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The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed primary care practice. Difficult management decisions must now be made in transformed ambulatory environments and with virtual medicine. Despite the change in our practice environments, primary care clinicians must continue to focus on preventive medicine, reduction of cardiovascular risk factors, day-to-day clinical problems, chronic disease management, communication skills, and optimal use of diagnostic tests and new medications. Health disparities and the care of vulnerable patients are a central part of our daily practice as we try to maximize quality, safety, equity, and value. Close collaboration with other specialists, inpatient colleagues, and diverse teams of health professionals is essential for the care of our complex patients. In addition to a full discussion of common problems in primary care and preventive medicine, this course will also focus on clinical skills and problem-solving in dermatology, women’s health, infectious diseases, covid-19, oncology, acute care, clinical nutrition, communication skills, and evidence-based medicine. The course will utilize formal lectures, case discussions, practical workshops, an audience response system, questions and answers, a detailed syllabus, and on-demand access to course recordings. Remote learning opportunities will also be available.

Target Audience

This course, chaired by Dr. Robert B. Baron and taught by UCSF’s best teachers, is designed for practicing internists, family practitioners, advance practice providers, and all other health professionals interested in providing high quality primary care.


The purpose of this course is to increase competence and improve clinician practice in primary care. We specifically anticipate improvements in skills and strategies to:

– Implement new guidelines in office-based preventive medicine including cancer screening and management of cardiac risk factors;

– Develop up-to-date strategies for common office problems including hypertension, lipid disorders, diabetes, coronary heart disease, heart failure, chronic kidney disease, obesity, musculoskeletal complaints, STI’s, and covid-19

– Manage common problems in women’s health including prevention of cervical and endometrial cancer, menopause, incontinence, and vaginal and vulvar disorders;

– Diagnose and treat common skin disorders, skin infections, and skin cancer;

– Counsel patients to improve eating habits, lose weight, and increase physical activity;

– Perform an effective problem-based history and physical examination for common complaints in dermatology and women’s health;

– Perform common office procedures in dermatology and office gynecology;

– Manage common acute orthopaedic complaints and develop effective imaging strategies;

– Understand the best initial management strategies for common cancers;

– Develop best practices in patient communication, shared decision-making, and teamwork

– Critically evaluate the medical literature and apply it to clinical practice;

– Address health disparities in health and healthcare;

– Increase the quality of care and decrease medical costs.

Course Outline:

SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2022

3:00 pm Registration and Check-In

Moderator: Robert B. Baron, MD, MS

5:00 Welcome and Course Overview

Robert B. Baron, MD, MS

5:10 G Controversies in Cancer Screening 2022: Colon, Breast, Lung, and Prostate

Sam Brondfield, MD MA

6:00 G Prevention and Screening for Cervical and Endometrial Cancer

Rebecca Jackson MD

6:50 pm Adjourn


5:00 am Continental Breakfast

Moderator: Robert B. Baron, MD, MS

7:30 RxG Management of Lipid Disorders: A Risk-Based, Patient-Centered Approach

Robert B. Baron MD MS

8:20 RxG Management of Coronary Artery Disease: A Primary Care Perspective

Michael G. Shlipak, MD, MPH

9:10 Break

9:30 G What’s New in Management of Menopause and Peri-menopausal Symptoms?

Rebecca Jackson, MD

10:20 RxG Common Dermatologic Problems: What the Primary Care Physician Needs to Know

Toby A. Maurer, MD

11:10 am Adjourn


7:00 am Continental Breakfast

Moderator: Robert Baron, MD MS

7:30 RxG Covid-19: Where Do We Stand? What Have We Learned? Where are We Going?

Peter Chin-Hong, MD

8:20 RxG Management of Outpatient Covid: Best Practices in Patient Assessment and Treatment.

Paul Nadler, MD

9:10 RxG Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask About Covid-19

Peter Ching Hong, MD and Paul Nadler, MD

10:00 Break

10:20. Concurrent Workshops (select one)

A: RxG Nutrition and Weight Management in Office Practice

Robert B. Baron, MD, MS

B: G Personality Type in the Clinical Setting: Better Care and Better Teamwork*

Anda K. Kuo, MD

11:50 am Adjourn


7:00 am Continental Breakfast

Moderator: Sam Brondfield, MD

7:30 RxG Management of Diabetes Mellitus: Implementing the 2022 Guidelines

Robert B. Baron, MD, MS

8:20 RxG Initial Management of Common Cancers

Sam Brondfield, MD, MA

9:10 RxG Dermatologic Infectious Disease: Viral, Fungal and Bacterial Skin Diseases

Toby A. Maurer, MD

10:00. Break

10:20. Concurrent Workshops (select one)

A: G Maximizing Skills in Office Gynecology*

Rebecca Jackson, MD

B: RxG Clinical Dilemma in Infectious Diseases: A Case-based Update on Common Infections

Peter Chin-Hong, MD

11:50 am Adjourn


7:00 am Continental Breakfast

Moderator: Paul Nadler, MD

7:30 RxG Common and Commonly Missed Orthopedic Problems

Paul Nadler, MD

8:20 RxG Prevention and Treatment of Skin Cancer

Toby A. Maurer, MD

9:10 RxG Chronic Kidney Disease: Integrating New Tests, New Guidelines, and New Medications

Michael G. Shlipak, MD, MPH

10:00 Break

10:20. Concurrent Workshops (select one)

A RxG Best Practices in Urgent Care: Managing Common Acute Disorders in Office Practice

Paul Nadler, MD

B: RxG Dermatologic Procedures in Primary Care*

Toby A. Maurer, MD

1:50 am Adjourn


7:00 am Continental Breakfast

Moderator: Michael G. Shlipak, MD, MPH

7:30 RxG Heart Failure: New Strategies for Diagnosis and Treatment

Michael G. Shlipak, MD, MPH

8:20 RxG Managing Hypertension in 2022: Practicing in a World of Conflicting Guidelines

Robert B. Baron, MD, MS

9:10 Break

9:30 RxG Current Guidelines for Sexually Treated Infections and Vaginitis

Paul Nadler, MD

10:20 RxG Gynecologic Issues in Older Women

Rebecca Jackson

11:10 am Adjourn

G = Geriatric Credit

Rx = Meets Requirements for Pharmacotherapeutics CEUs for NPs/Nurses

* = In-person only

Activity Start Date: July 31, 2022

Target Audience and Covered Specialties:

Internal Medicine, simple

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