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35 Videos
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Penn Radiology Emergency Imaging After Hours provides insight for imaging conditions where rapid response is required.   An elite faculty guides learners with practical lessons in modality choice, image acquisition and interpretation skills for a wide range of clinical presentations.  Selected topics in chest, neuroradiology, abdominal, pelvic, pediatric and  musculoskeletal imaging are presented to ensure confident analysis, so the practitioner is never outside of their comfort zone.

Penn Radiology Emergency Imaging After Hours

Session 1: Chest I
Approach to Generating a Differential Diagnosis on Chest Imaging Farouk Dako, MD, MPH
COVID-19 and Other Reasons for Diffuse Alveolar Damage Farouk Dako, MD, MPH
Pneumonia and Pneumonitis in the Immunocompromised Patient Farouk Dako, MD, MPH
Chest Pain: Fundamentals and Advances in Interpretation of CTPE Studies Farouk Dako, MD, MPH
Missed Case Conference Farouk Dako, MD, MPH
Session 2: Neuro
Toxic & Metabolic Encephalopathies: A Whirlwind Tour Suyash Mohan, MD
Brain Pain: CNS Infections and COVID-19! Suyash Mohan, MD
Facial Trauma: Practical Tips Suyash Mohan, MD
Neck Pain: A Refresher on Common Head and Neck Emergencies Suyash Mohan, MD
Interactive Case-Based Misses & Misinterpretations in the Brain & Spine Suyash Mohan, MD
Questions & Answers Multiple Faculty
Session 3: Abdomen & Pelvis
Twist and Turns in the Abdomen and Pelvis Susan L. Summerton, MD
Pelvic Pain: Obstretrical and Gynecologic Emergencies Susan L. Summerton, MD
Abdominal and Pelvic Trauma: Pearls and Pitfalls Susan L. Summerton, MD
Post-Operative Complications in the Abdomen and Pelvis Susan L. Summerton, MD
What Not to Miss in Abdominal Imaging: A Case-Based Approach Susan L. Summerton, MD
Session 4: Chest II
Pulmonary Embolism: Old Questions and New Insights Arun C. Nachiappan, MD
Pulmonary Embolism: Where on Earth? Arun C. Nachiappan, MD
Imaging of Thoracic Trauma: Tips and Traps Arun C. Nachiappan, MD
Shortness of Breath: When It is Not Pneumonia! Arun C. Nachiappan, MD
Questions & Answers Multiple Faculty
Session 5: Pediatrics
Belly Pain: Imaging of Common and Not-So-Common Abdominal Emergencies in Children Victor Ho-Fung, MD
Falling from Trampolines, Monkey Bars and Slides– Imaging of Unique Pediatric Fractures Victor Ho-Fung, MD
Demystifying the Pediatric Radiograph Victor Ho-Fung, MD
Pitfalls and Omissions: Case Based Learning Opportunities in Pediatric Radiology Victor Ho-Fung, MD
Aha, Eureka, Classic! Characteristic Imaging in Common and Uncommon Pathology in Children Victor Ho-Fung, MD
GI and GU Incidentalomas in Children: What to Do? Victor Ho-Fung, MD
Questions & Answers Multiple Faculty
Session 6: MSK
Imaging of Ankle Lower Extremity Trauma Jason W. Stephenson, MD
Ultrasound of MSK Injuries Jason W. Stephenson, MD
The Language of Fractures Jason W. Stephenson, MD
Back Pain: MR of Spine Emergencies Jason W. Stephenson, MD
Imaging of MSK Instrumentation & Associated Complications Jason W. Stephenson, MD
Pain in the Shoulder Jason W. Stephenson, MD
Questions & Answers Multiple Faculty

Release date: May 20, 2022
Expiration date: May 19, 2025

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Emergency Medicine, Meetings by Mail, Radiology, simple

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