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National Emergency Medicine Board Review 17e

Why Purchase the National Emergency Medicine Board Review Course Self Study Program?

The fact is that taking certifying or recertifying board examinations is a stressful experience. The sheer mass of information that needs to be reviewed in preparation for the exams is truly overwhelming. Although well-intentioned commitments to study standard texts well in advance are often made, the press of occupational and personal responsibilities makes finding the time to study very difficult.

In addition to time-related pressures is the sheer volume of material to be studied – Rosen’s 2006 edition is 3,179 pages long and the latest edition of Tintinalli has 1917 pages. Reading texts and articles is not the same as studying to retain the material. Bottom line – preparation for these exams can be a daunting process.

The National Emergency Medicine Board Review was created to specifically address the needs of busy emergency physicians who were required to take their certification or recertification examinations and who wanted a highly focused, no-fluff course that would deliver the information they needed in a concentrated, high-yield manner.

What’s Special About the National Emergency Medicine Board Review Self Study Program?

The NEMBR was created for one reason – to assist physicians in passing their exams. This objective drives the content of the course. The focus is on “bread and butter” emergency medicine that is neither controversial nor ”leading edge.” You won’t hear anything about whether TPA should or should not be given for strokes, but rather your valuable time will be focused on the core content of emergency medicine.

You’ll find emphasis on important topics that you may not routinely encounter in day-to-day emergency care, but which are “must know” for the exams – toxicology syndromes, pediatric rashes, recognition of specific stroke presentations, EKG manifestations of WPW and the Brugada syndrome, the distinctions between botulism and Guillian Barre presentations, the significance of the acute chest syndrome in sickle cell crisis and hundreds of other important topics.

In addition to the unique content and emphasis of this course, it is taught by a pool of particularly effective educators. Each faculty member has extensive experience at lecturing in CME courses in general and has specific experience in teaching the NEMBR course. Each understands the goals of the course and is committed to providing presentations that are highly focused, energetic and entertaining. Each brings his or her own unique style to the course while delivering a standardized presentation orchestrated by the course directors.

And finally, the course manual is truly unique – very large print, bulleted key points, no long narratives, well indexed and easily reviewed and accompanied by a full color atlas containing 224 “need to know” clinical images.

Target Audience:

This activity will be directed to emergency medicine physicians and other healthcare professionals preparing to take their certification or recertification board examinations.

Educational Objectives:

After completing the NEMBR Enduring Material/Self-Study, participants will be able to:

  • Comprehensively review the core content of emergency medicine.
  • Identify the fundamental concepts and key topics needed to successfully complete the emergency medicine written certification and recertification examinations.
  • Effectively translate the acquired academic knowledge into improved diagnostics and subsequently implement a better treatment plan for their patients.

Self-Study includes 28 lectures:

  1. Introduction (8:07)
  2. Psychology Of Test Taking (48:03)
  3. Trauma Part 1 (1h, 30m)
  4. Oncology / Rheumatology (56:17)
  5. Hematology / HIV (1h, 03m)
  6. Trauma – Part 2 (1h, 17m)
  7. Ear, Nose & Throat (1h, 18m)
  8. Obstetrics / Gynecology (1h, 39m)
  9. Inservice Exam Lessons (33:45)
  10. Day One Review Session (1h, 04m)
  11. Environmental Emergencies (1h, 53m)
  12. Pediatrics (1h, 20m)
  13. Orthopedics – Part 1 (1h, 25m)
  14. Orthopedics – Part2 (1h, 18m)
  15. Ophthalmology (1h, 04m)
  16. Toxicology (1h, 43m)
  17. Day Two Review Session (1h, 07m)
  18. Neuropsychiatric (2h, 03m)
  19. Cardiology – Part 1 (1h, 01m)
  20. Dermatology – Part 1 (1 hour)
  21. Cardiology – Part 2 (1h, 17m)
  22. Dermatology – Part 2 (59:25)
  23. GI (1h, 48m)
  24. Policies / EMS / Legal (58:18)
  25. Day Three Review Session (1h, 21m)
  26. Nephrology / Urology (1h, 37m)
  27. Endocrine (1h, 29m)
  28. Pulmonary (1h, 53m)

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Target Audience and Covered Specialties:

Emergency Medicine, General Internal Medicine, simple

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