Exploring Essential Radiology (Videos)


32 Videos
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32 Videos
File Size = 358.00 MB

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by Gerard Ahern, Maurice Brygel



1. Video 10-01: Supraspinatus Tear [no audio]
2. Video 10-02: Distal Radial Fracture [no audio]
3. Video 1-01: Normal CT Abdomen and Pelvis – Transverse View [no audio]
4. Video 1-02: Normal CT – Coronal View [no audio]
5. Video 1-03: Normal Saggital View – Cervical Spine [no audio]
6. Video 1-04: Inguinal Hernia [no audio]
7. Video 2-01: Lateral Plateau Fracture [no audio]
8. Video 2-02: Septic Arthritis [no audio]
9. Video 2-03: Calcaneal Fracture [no audio]
10. Video 3-01: Normal Head CT [no audio]
11. Video 3-02: Berry Aneurysm
12. Video 3-03: Subdural Hematoma [no audio]
13. Video 3-04: Left Temporal Hemorrhage [no audio]
14. Video 3-05: Cerebellar Metastases [no audio]
15. Video 3-06: Pituitary Tumor [no audio]
16. Video 3-07: Meningioma
17. Video 3-08: Acoustic Neuroma [no audio]
18. Video 3-09: Anterior Skull Base Abscess [no audio]
19. Video 3-10: Zygomaticomaxillary Complex Fractures [no audio]
20. Video 4-01: Normal Coronary Angiogram
21. Video 4-02: Thoracic Aorta Dissection [no audio]
22. Video 5-01: Normal Axial A [no audio]
23. Video 5-02: Normal Axial B [no audio]
24. Video 5-03: C-2 Vertebral Body Fracture
25. Video 7-01: Normal Chest CT [no audio]
26. Video 7-02: Emphysema [no audio]
27. Video 8-01: Acetabular Fracture [no audio]
28. Video 8-02: Osteomyelitis (Femur) – [no audio]
29. Video 9-01: Normal Sagittal View – Lumbar Spine [no audio]
30. Video 9-02: Burst Fracture [no audio]
31. Video 9-03: Lumbar Vertebrae Burst Fracture
32. Video 9-04: Ependymoma [no audio]
Copyright © 2014 by Gerard Ahern and Maurice Brygel

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General Internal Medicine, McGraw Hill, Radiology, simple

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