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Master endonasal rhinoplasty techniques with world-renowned surgeon Mark Constantian, MD.

Join Dr. Constantian in the operating room for over 15 hours of step-by-step technique in performing both primary and secondary rhinoplasty procedures.

Volume 1 (published in 2014 –> 4 cases, 4 hours of operative video): Rhinoplasty does not have to be a long procedure for the patient or the surgeon.  Each operation takes about 60 minutes from start to finish. Dr. Constantian shares his internal and external diagnostic examination for each case, which translates into an exact surgical plan. The only change to this plan is determined intraoperatively if accommodations must be made because of graft substance and quality. In each case Dr. Constantian demonstrates his step-by-step technique for correcting the deformity with donor materials, ranging from septal and ear cartilage to rib cartilage. The goal of this video series is to simplify the rhinoplasty procedure so that you can deliver excellent functional and aesthetic results for your patients safely, with lower morbidity and revisions, and with limited effort.

Volume 2 (published in 2016 –> 5 cases, 6 hours of operative video): Join Dr. Constantian in the OR as he corrects a variety of problems using closed rhinoplasty techniques. Each procedure is essentially uncut, real-time surgery, demonstrating the great efficiency of limited, purposeful dissection. Full preoperative discussion of presenting problems and surgical plan is included, as well as postoperative splinting and dressing. Dr. Constantian emphasizes a minimal access approach, resulting in greater accuracy and safer procedures less likely to create new problems. Ample tips and rationale for approach are provided, including the importance of only invading areas the surgeon intends to change, and listening to the patient and correcting only what he or she mentions, instead of focusing on correction of everything the surgeon can diagnose.

Volume 3 (Published in 2019 –> 5 cases, 6 hours of operative video): Two primary rhinoplasties with specific ethnic implications and three complex tertiary reconstructions allow Dr. Constantian to demonstrate a variety of dorsal and tip techniques, some of which have never been published or appeared in his videos, including rib graft laminates, maxillary augmentation, and two kinds of composite grafts. Though none are “typical” cases, each one contains multiple “takeaways” that can be applied to most rhinoplasties: planning strategies, minimal access, important anatomic variations, airway reconstructions, grafting scarred tips, understanding and correcting open rhinoplasty deformities, understanding rhinoplasty phenomenology, and creating optimal proportion in your results.

Available in 8 DVDs with over 16 hours of operative video.  2019

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