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Course/Book Details (Overview + Topics/Speakers):

This activity is designed to provide a practical yet comprehensive review into women’s imaging. A multimodality approach to the assessment of pelvic, gynecologic, obstetric and breast disorders is covered in this series. Topics include pelvic pain, pelvic masses, first trimester, uncertain viability, and breast imaging. The renowned faculty share tips and pitfalls regarding the latest protocols and emerging technologies being used to best assess women’s disorders.

Target Audience

This CME activity is primarily intended and designed to educate diagnostic imaging physicians, gynecologists, obstetricians and other physicians who order these studies so that they might gain a greater appreciation of the strengths and limitations of clinically relevant imaging studies.

Educational Objectives

At the completion of this CME teaching activity, you should be able to:

– Incorporate state-of-the-art imaging protocols to efficiently evaluate the female pelvis and breast into clinical practice.

– Differentiate and describe benign, suspicious and malignant adnexal masses.

– Optimize obstetrical sonographic techniques and protocols.

– Recognize common fetal disorders seen in early pregnancy.

– Identify the image findings of benign and suspicious breast lesions.

– Utilize the BI-RADS categorizing system appropriately.

– Describe recent updates and technological advances that help optimize women’s

Program : 

– Obstetric Sonography: Dos and Don’ts

Thomas C. Winter, III, M.D.

– Pelvic Pain

Leslie M. Scoutt, M.D.

– Ultrasound of the Endometrium and SIS

Thomas C. Winter, III, M.D.

– Emergency Pelvic Pain in the Acute Setting

Sherelle L. Laifer-Narin, M.D.

– Malignant Uterine and Adnexal Masses: Staging and Management

Russell N. Low, M.D.

– Updates on Prenatal Genetic Screening & Diagnosis in Early Gestation

Lawrence D. Platt, M.D.

– Ectopic Pregnancy: Role of Ultrasound In Diagnosis

Beryl R. Benacerraf, M.D.

– Characterizing Adnexal Masses in Early Gestation

Beryl R. Benacerraf, M.D.

– Ultrasound Markers of Placenta Accreta in Early Gestation

Bryann Bromley, M.D.

– The New “Detailed First Trimester Ultrasound”: National Guidelines

Bryann Bromley, M.D.

– The Placenta & Umbilical Cord in Early Gestation

Elena Sinkovskaya, M.D., Ph.D.

– How to Get the Best Ultrasound Image in the First Trimester

Alfred Abuhamad, M.D.

– First Trimester Ultrasound: Pregnancy Dating & Elements of Failed Pregnancy

Beryl R. Benacerraf, M.D.

– The Role of First Trimester Ultrasound in the Evaluation of Multiple Pregnancies

Reem S. Abu-Rustum, M.D., FACOG, FACS, FAIU

– Placenta Accreta Spectrum: Sonographic Markers in Early Gestation

Bryann Bromley, M.D.

– Adnexal Masses: What’s Benign & What’s Malignant

Alfred Abuhamad, M.D.

– Congenital Mullerian Malformations: Role of 3D Ultrasound in Diagnosis

Beryl R. Benacerraf, M.D.

– Implementation of Multiparmetric MRI in Clinical Routine

Katja Pinker, M.D., Ph.D., EBBI

– A Practical Guide to Improving Breast Ultrasound Outcomes/Performance

Regina J. Hooley, M.D.

– Breast MRI: Indication and Practical Guide to Interpretation

Katja Pinker, M.D., Ph.D., EBBI

– PET/CT in Malignancy of the Breast and Female Pelvis

Katherine Zukotynski, M.D.

– Breast MRI BI-RADS Update

Elizabeth A. Morris, M.D., FACR

– Ultrasound BI-RADS: What to do When

Regina J. Hooley, M.D.

– Cancer Detection: Update on Surveillance and Screening with MRI

Elizabeth A. Morris

– Screening Breast Ultrasound – Pearls and Pitfalls

Regina J. Hooley, M.D.

– Breast Cancer Staging in the Dense Breast

Elizabeth A. Morris, M.D., FACR

– MRI Evaluation of the Augmented and Postsurgical Breast

Colleen H. Neal, M.D.

– Breast MRI Challenging Cases

Colleen H. Neal, M.D.

– Imaging Correlation of MRI Findings

Debra M. Ikeda M.D.

– MRI Guided Breast Biopsy

Debra M. Ikeda M.D.

– MRI and Imaging of Augmented and Reconstructed Breast

Debra M. Ikeda M.D.

– New Breast Ultrasound Technology and What’s on the Horizon

Regina J. Hooley, M.D.

– Advancement in Breast MRI: What is on the Horizon

Elizabeth A. Morris, M.D., FACR

Release Date : 05/15/2022 


Target Audience and Covered Specialties:

DocMedED, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Radiology, simple

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